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Telos Korea is a BP candidate of Telos Public Blockchain that is fastest, greenest and most decentralized public blockchain. We have purposes to expand Korea Community and grow Telos Public Blockchain.




Teo: Node operation, Community building/management, Technical support.

Code of conduct

  • We have to follow Telos' policy and faithfully perform our duties as a bp.
  • We have to faithfully perform our role as a channel to communicate the voice of telos korea community.

Node info

All nodes are dedicated servers.


server 1

  • Mainnet producer
  • Processor 1x Intel Xeon E-2136
  • RAM 32 GB
  • Disks 256GB SSD

server 2

server 3

  • EVM RPC data
  • Processor 1x Intel Xeon E-2286G
  • RAM 32 GB
  • Disks 2x960GB SSD